Properly fitted cleats are essential for a player's performance, comfort, and safety on the field. A good fit ensures that the player's foot is secure and stable inside the cleat, reducing the risk of slips, trips, and injuries. It also enables the player to achieve maximum control, agility, and acceleration while dribbling, passing, shooting, and defending. A poorly fitted cleat, on the other hand, can cause discomfort, blisters, or even foot injuries, affecting the player's ability to perform at their best. Schedule your fitting today with ProFIT and achieve greatness.

  • Fit for Comfort

    Experience Unparalleled Comfort with Our Customized Fitting.

  • Fit for Performance

    Elevate Your Game with Precision Fit for Peak Touch and Feel Performance.

  • Fit for Injury Prevention

    Stay Safe and Play Confidently with Our Injury-Preventing Fitting Expertise.


Pro-Fit being shown

Technology Leads the Way

After years of accumulating data we are excited to introduce our ProFit tech. Our 3D foot scanning device gives us instant data on your foot. How wide, where you are applying pressure, and how high or low the arch of your foot is. This information is critical in selecting the right pair of cleats and gives us a great starting point for your fitting journey.

Pro-Fit in action

Trained Specialists

We pride ourselves on service and our trained ProFit specialists help guide you through the fitting process. Gone are the days of checking if the shoe has a “thumbs” space at the end the boot. With ProFit you will have experts that take you through several tests to insure that the boot you are wearing fits properly.

Happy PRO-Fit Customer

The PRO-Fit Guatantee

Our duty is to the player and because of which we stand by our ProFit system. If for any reason you are unhappy with the cleats you purchased from a performance standpoint we will exchange them no questions asked. That’s right they do not need to be defective and you are welcome to play in the cleats and make sure you are truly happy. 

PRO-Fit Testimonials

Actual Customers

  • Highly Recommend

    As a parent, I couldn't be happier with the PRO-Fit system at The Soccer Factory. It's been a game-changer for my child's soccer journey. The personalized fit not only enhanced their performance but also gave me peace of mind knowing they're playing comfortably and safely. I highly recommend PRO-Fit to all soccer parents out there – it's an investment in your child's success and well-being on the field!

  • Boosted Performance

    I've witnessed the transformative power of the PRO-Fit system at The Soccer Factory, I'm simply amazed. It has taken my son's soccer experience to a whole new level. The customized fit has not only boosted their performance but also ensured they play comfortably and safely. I enthusiastically endorse PRO-Fit to fellow soccer parents. It's a commitment to your child's success and on-field confidence!

  • Game-Changer

    I can confidently say that The Soccer Factory's PRO-Fit system is a game changer. Precision and performance are everything in my world, and PRO-Fit delivers both. The customized fit has taken my game to a whole new level, providing the perfect balance of comfort and control. It's a must-try for anyone serious about maximizing their soccer potential!

  • Incredible Impact

    As a coach with a daughter on the team I lead, I have seen firsthand the incredible impact of The Soccer Factory's PRO-FIT system. It's been a awesome for not only my child but also for the entire team. The personalized fit has significantly improved their performance, ensuring they play comfortably and confidently. I highly recommend PRO-FIT to fellow coaches and parents alike. It's an investment in our players' success and overall team performance that's truly invaluable!

Brands that are part of the PRO-Fit System.