What is The Soccer Factory trueFIT system?

The Soccer Factory trueFIT system is our company’s guarantee that when you come into our shop and speak with our trueFIT certified staff that you will leave knowing exactly what shoe fits you the best. After years of play testing new models and experiencing firsthand how different cleats fit compared to different people’s feet, from foot profile and width, to how your foot’s arch falls within a given style of shoe, we have developed a precise and efficient way to test the boot’s overall fit. Giving you confidence in your selection of boots.

The Experience of trueFIT

Our proven model will not only help secure the proper fitting boots for you, but it will educate and help you understand what models you should be looking out for in the future. Once the fit is done you are given a trueFIT card that outlines what model you were fitted for, if you are approved for all points of fit or if we have any concerns about your cleat selection, as well as your trueFIT number. We start by acquiring a heat map of your foot which assists us in telling you which style of cleats would be best for your foot type. If you already know what you are looking for we can elaborate on how the boots will fit based on your metrics before we start the fitting process. After the initial heat metrics test and arch reading we proceed to take you through our points of fit which is a series of tests to finalize the fit of the boot.

Why trueFIT?

Our answer to this is simple, cleats aren’t cheap, so our trueFIT System gives the end user a piece of mind when purchasing cleats. Most of our staff grew up playing the beautiful game and we understand that for a player their tools are their feet. You wouldn’t expect a surgeon to perform with dull tools so why expect a player to perform with improper fitting boots? Treating the cleat purchasing process the same as buying sneakers is a disservice. The abuse that can happen to your feet when playing in cleats that fit improperly vs the comfort of playing in cleats that do is a massive difference and can greatly affect your game. We pride ourselves on making sure you are always properly equipped to perform your best.

So what are you waiting for?

Stop by one of The Soccer Factory locations and get trueFIT today!