Tim Patty

Creative Director

Tim is our resident Irishman. With a hot temper and the creativity of a one armed monkey juggling bananas while standing on a football, you can’t help but to love him. Fuel him up with more shots of expresso that is legally allowed and his creativity is off to the races. He grew up right here in San Antonio where he  started playing soccer at the age of 10. The first club team he was on he played with for nine years. His team won many Texas championships which lead them to traveling a good part of the US for tournaments and invitational only tournaments in Europe.

Tim’s job here at The Soccer Factory is to make us and all our clients look good. And he does a great job doing it. With over 25 years of design experience he’s created it all. From club logo designs, flyers, banners, store signage, decals, web designs and much, much more. “As a soccer player and designer, working in a place that I get to do and enjoy both, I couldn’t ask to have a more perfect job!”

By the way, if you do see him acting like a one armed monkey juggling bananas while standing on a football, please excuse him, it’s just his creativity working itself out.

T. Patty

Creative Director


12066 Starcrest Dr., Ste. 210

San Antonio, Texas 78247