Juan Aguirre

Senior Account Analyst

Juan is our Senior Account Analyst. He likes many things. He especially likes things that make him happy. He likes trees, specifically happy trees; as well as puppies, double rainbows and sunny skies. He is still in school and has a wonderful family, which too, makes him happy. He is a huge soccer fan and has just found his calling as an amateur bubble soccer player in our local league. When his team wins, it makes him happy, but when they lose, this makes him sad. This is the opposite of happy.


Other things that make him happy are lamps and numbers. Thus why he loves working as our accountant and auditor and owns four lamps for his desk alone.  When numbers add up and look good, you guessed it; this makes him happy. However, when they look bad, it makes him very sad. Luckily, though, he has his lamps to brighten his day!

J. Aguirre

Senior Account Analyst


12066 Starcrest Dr., Ste. 100

San Antonio, Texas 78247