Puma EvoPower 3.3 TF


Designed for you to get them most stopping power out of every kick, the Puma EvoPower 3.3 TF is crafted with G.S.F (Gradual Stabilizing Frame) to help you get the maximum power out of every shot. Made with a lightweight PU upper material, the cleat provide an optimal touch on the ball. Come get them before they are gone at The Soccer Factory.



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Engineered For Power

The Puma EvoPOWER 1.2  is crafted to improve your velocity and accuracy of your kick to ensure every shot is a goal.

Accuracy. In Control.

The Puma EvoPOWER 1.2 utilize GSF to stabilize your heel so every shots, dribble, or pass is perfection.

Evolve Your Game.

The Puma EvoPOWER 1.2 uses GripTex to enhance your ball control and have a barefoot feel while allowing you to take control of every ball with precision.

Puma EvoPOWER 1.2 FG Rating

Durablity 70--Rating Score
Comfort 85--Rating Score
Use of Technology 85--Rating Score

Shoe Weight:


 wieght based off 9.5 shoe size


The GripTex and Pebax allow for maximum ball control, while holding up to any conditions on the field.


The GSF makes the cleat very comfortable, while locking your heel to place to enhance your power shooting.


The AccuFoam that lines the inside of the shoe improves your stopping power by ensuring your foot stays in place.


The Puma EvoPOWER 1.2 is designed for the shooter, the one who isn’t afraid to take shots from 30 yards out, and with these cleats you will never miss.